A visual feedback tool for teams making websites

Fast, easy feedback for your website.


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Here's how it works

Create a project and invite your team

Works for any website, give your project a name and invite your team.

Use the Chrome extension to make notes on your website

Quickly add notes over the top of your website.

Collaborate and resolve

Notes are saved to your project with detailed screenshots.

Useful for the whole team

Volley is perfect for

  • Designers doing a website review
  • Developers looking for feedback
  • Project managers reviewing features
  • QA teams documenting bugs

Use cases

  • Design review
  • Bug reporting
  • Feature documentation and ideas
  • Developer questions
  • Client feedback

Why we’re different

  • Volly uses screenshots for easier review
  • Simple, collaborative workspaces
  • Upload design attachments with your notes
  • Create notes in seconds

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